Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Moving... 2nd to last update ;-)


I was approved for the apartment today. I go in in the morning to sign the lease and do a walk through inspection. Big sigh of relief.

Seriously, thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. {{{{{HUG}}}}} to you all!!!!

I will only be without internet for a night. Yay! Down tomorrow - back up Thursday after noon. And THAT is a miracle (for any of you that have ever dealt with cable companies...) 

You know, this is exciting, but it is also scary. I have taken a leap of faith and there is no net to catch me anymore. Well, no natural net. :-) I have spent so many years believing that I couldn't really do this. But here I am - I drove my family nuts and maybe it was a little unfair, but I didn't give them any info more than was absolutely dragged out of me during the process. I needed NOT to have their input or I would not have been able to get through this. Now it is done (mostly) and they are a little surprised, I think. A little annoyed, maybe. And that's okay. I am now going to live my life - really live, not just exist and get by and stay out of everyone else's way. I am not going to have to justify to someone else what I choose to buy or not buy - do or not do.

Most importantly... I will be able to RELAX!

And God has proven Himself. I don't know whether it was His design or my stuff that caused it to be so close to the wire. And that is a question I would like answered, at some point. It will help for future reference. But I got the one I asked for - and every attempt I made to have a back-up plan was blocked or stymied. I can feel myself starting to relax. Still a lot of things to do in the next few days, but I HAVE MY OWN PLACE!!!!! THANK YOU, PAPA! =D

Anyway, enough rambling. See you on the other side of the move.


Sue said...


I'm so glad you can relax too. See you on the other side (although I am STILL not online and probably won't be until Friday and most likely Monday. So yes, your one day - bah! :) Hehe

Erin said...

Double YAY! I'm so happy for you! You will have to tell us what it's like or post pics when you can.

Sounds like the deal was meant for you...that's a confidence builder!

Katherine Gunn said...


=D Yeah, I was actually thinking of you when I got that deal. Broadband - once you've had, you can't go back. Thanks!


There were two other people who applied for this apartment. I don't know their stories, but that reduced my odds considerably, even after the gauntlet of passing the criminal background check, the credit check, the previous landlord check and the job check (which they also passed). I am almost afraid to ask why they chose me.

I was even afraid to let me hope get very high - and I talked to Papa about that. he wasn't concerned about it (my lack of hope and faith). Funny, that. ;-) He told me to ask Him to prove Himself so that I could learn to trust Him. So I did. And here we go.....

abmo said...

Hi Katherine,
also YAY!!! Now for the moving part which can also be a hassle but not as many worries. I've moved about 30 times since I was born. I was in 12 schools. So, I know about moving :)

I'm glad you've found your own place. May God bless you abundantly.

Katherine Gunn said...


*Ginning* Thanks.

WOW! You've got me beat. This is only my 20th (I think - we might have moved once when I was an infant). I was only in 4 schools. I've got things set up where I should be able to move in one trip - renting a truck. A friend and her sons are going to help.

Tracy Simmons said...

I was just so happy to wake up this morning and read this. My heart is filled with joy for you, Katherine, and with thankfulness for Daddy providing a place and a job for you.

Your strength is growing! :)

AmyC. said...

Congrats!! Whoo hoo! I'm so happy for you. Papa was working everything out the whole time.

As for blazing your own trail without the inward constraints of living up to others' expectations or desires for you....way to go! I can relate to what you mentioned about having done that in the past. It's so freeing and also I believe you'll find yourself growing by leaps and bounds, both personally and with your relationship with Papa as you begin to make more and more choices for yourself, rather than based upon what family/friends say you "should" do.

Katherine...do you have a MySpace page???
If so, please feel free to Request an "Add Friend" from me. I'd love to add you.

~Amy :)

Sara said...

congratulations! moving is hard . . . but it can be SO good to finally get that place that's just RIGHT.

anyway, you and your seasick volunteer are up over on apples to apples. :) thanks for a whole series of laughs during a couple of days when I could really use them! (Flying cross country with three small children. Ack.)