Sunday, July 20, 2008

Moving... Continued...

[EDIT UPDATE: Concerning the dust up with Calvinists... the primary one I got sideways with and I have made up - agreed to disagree - apologies given and accepted (on both sides - I got a little snarky... ;-) ) I am grateful that it turned this way.]

Well, I haven't moved yet. ARGH!!!

I haven't found a place yet - hope to tomorrow. Still job hunting - just uploaded my resume to several posts on Craig's List. 11 days and counting till I need to out of where I am. Sigh....

And in the middle of this, I made the mistake of getting involved in a bit of an argument with some Calvinists. Understand, until this year, I didn't even know what a Calvinist was... but what I have read and understand of the doctrine I cannot agree with. I came to the realization that even trying to have a Scripture debate where they present verses that back up their position then I do the same is an exercise in futility. We do not see the verses in the same light. Verses that, to me, clearly explain my position also, to them, clearly explain theirs. There is no fruitful means of furthering discussion in this that I can see. I actually found myself falling under a cloud of religious oppression the last few days - took me a bit to recognize what was up.

So.... I decided to post a song that says a lot of what I feel, sometimes, especially when dealing with people's harshness in promoting their beliefs or doctrines as being the only possible correct ones. (I probably do that, too, sometimes - sigh.) Most of the people in this exchange were not harsh, but....

I'm posting the lyrics first, then the video, because the style makes it hard, sometimes, to understand what they are saying - and it is important to understand what they are saying. ;-)
I just know Jesus is the Way
I just know Jesus is the Truth
I just know Jesus is the Life
I just know Jesus is my God

What makes you different from one another?
Why do you argue about who you follow?
There is no man that you belong to
There's only one God that can claim you

I don't care if you speak in tongues
I don't care if you're into submersion
What does it matter if you wear a liturgical robe
Or prophesy and say that God said so

I just know Jesus is the Way
I just know Jesus is the Truth
I just know Jesus is the Life
I just know Jesus is my God

Do you serve your name or do you serve mankind?
Would you feel the same if they took down your sign?
Could you sit next to me if I was Baptist or Presbyterian?
Or do I need to be a Charismatic or Episcopalian?

I don't care if you drink grape juice or if it's wine
And I don't care if you get out of church on time
What does it matter if you praise God with music in your church?
Or you burn you dead or bury them six feet in the dirt?

I just know Jesus is the Way
I just know Jesus is the Truth
I just know Jesus is the Life
I just know Jesus is my God

I don't care if you clap your hands
I don't care if you get out in the isle and dance
What's it matter if someone lets out a hallelujah shout?
have we forgotten what praising Yahweh is all about?

(Disciple - I Just Know)


Anette said...

I'm sorry the moving is troublesome. Hope you find a place soon!!
It certainly is sooooo sad that we that call ourselves christians cannot tolerate other christians views. You are right, there is no use in arguing, even trying to use Bible verses. People has used Bible verses to rationalize horrible things. And in the end, all that theological arguments have no eternal value!!! Like your song says: I only know Jesus is the way!!! That is probably the reason why He said that the wise and learned would not understand, but children will be able to understand. It is not suppose to be so complicated ;) .

Hope you have a wonderfull week, including finding the perfect home!!!


Katherine Gunn said...


Thank you! ;-)

Yeah. I used to be one who could fling Bible verses about with the best of them - and loved a good argument - it is how I was raised. I started to get sucked back into that.... ugh!

No, I am doing my best to just walk away...

Tracy Simmons said...

Katherine, boy have I learned the same lesson. I just cannot engage in the bible-flinging discussions any more. Anyone can prove just about anything from the Bible! Sorry you got slimed by that discussion--I remember how that feels, icky!

Praying you find a place very, very soon!

Katherine Gunn said...


Slimed is a good word for it. :-)

Thanks. I'm sure it will work out.

Sue said...

Yuk. Bible sliming and having to move house. Yuk!

(Hugs) back to you :)

Katherine Gunn said...


Thanks. ;-) Glad to hear from you.

Hannah said...

Yes its frustrating to me when people justify things using scripture, and yet don't get the spirit behind what is being said. Its like the spirit of the words don't count - just the words.

I hope you find a job and a place real soon! I will be praying for you!

Katherine Gunn said...


Thank you. ;-)

Tyler Dawn said...

oh girl, I am SO praying for you. Urgh, moving is bad enough without stuff going wrong!

Katherine Gunn said...


THANK YOU!!! This is - well - more than I really want to get into, but family dynamics are rearing their ugly heads in the middle of the rest... Thank you for praying.

Aida said...

Katherine, my prayers are with you too. Thanks for keeping us posted.

I can relate to the discussion situation too since I currently seem to be involved in a discussion regarding a possible misunderstanding of what I said. In my response, I stated that I wasn't defending what I said, I was merely explaining more fully.

Sometimes that ends up well and sometimes it doesn't. Sigh! we'll just have to wait and see. We do our best to avoid difficulties but they often come despite our best efforts.

Since I'm a little behind in reading this, I hope everything has now worked out well.